Sunday, January 25, 2009

It begins.......

Due to popular demand(2 people), I have created a blog. How exciting, another blogger! It's just what the world needs, that and Socialism(don't worry, that's on the way too)!

I will mentally vomit all over this screen, spewing my takes on current events, pop culture, entertainment, and my thoughts on writing a screenplay for Porky's 4. In my world it would star Tara Reid and Dustin Diamond. It would be the feel good hit of 2010.

Just a heads up, I am a right-winger. How right wing? If I could, I would marry Ann Coulter and carry her baby. And I acknowledge that we are now in a left-wing world, where we hug terrorists and wait for our big fat Obama checks in the mail. I have accepted this, but that will not stop me from criticizing the new guy as much as the libs bashed the last guy(I didn't care for the last guy either, except for that whole keeping us safe for the past 7 years thing).

Good night Saturday.....


  1. You are completely ridiculous. Didn't you know that a man carrying a woman's baby is SO 2008? Also, this better not be another livejournal thing wherein you start the thing and then NEVER EVER post shit, because I never see you, I like what you write (even when you're just bitching), and I will end you.

  2. Can't wait for the next post Jay!! Try to hold back on the bitterness and contempt just a bit if you could! I generally agree with you on politics, but dude, for the second time in my life I could live with the government giving ME money!! Feel free to bash the shit outta him once I get my check - I'm broke!!