Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snark Factor Store with Fingers Gear is Here! Buy Buy Buy!!!

The Snark Store is open. I have been talking about it for weeks and now it is reality. The Snark Store has shirts, thongs and other cool garb. You know you want it!

The blog has been ignored while we focused on The Snark Factor Radio Show on www.rfcradio.com. We have had some technical difficulties that we think have been ironed out. Find out today at 5 PM!

The new schedule for The Snark Factor on RFC Radio:

Tuesdays at 5PM
Thursdays at 10:30 PM (Repeat)
Saturdays at 7:00 PM (Repeat)

I promise I will write more now that the show is off and running. All I can say is buy your Snark Shirts now. Just click on the link over on the left side of the page. It will complete you!


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