Tuesday, April 28, 2009

President Obama Needs to Buy Photoshop

Sometimes the hypocrisy is so blinding it boggles the imagination. Monday, the White House sent a presidential Boeing 747 flying over Manhattan for a photo op. Let us try and forget the insensitivity of having a large plane with fighter jets behind it screaming through New York City in mid-morning. I want to focus on something else.

Note to President Obama; if you want to run General Motors, you can’t use your corporate jet for a photo op. Can you imagine the reaction from the Obama Administration if former GM CEO Rick Wagoner had sent GM 1 on a photo op flight over the Statue of Liberty using taxpayer dollars? Disdain? Anger? Outrage?

And where are our pals in the mainstream media? The silence is deafening.
The budget deficit for 2009 will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.8 trillion dollars. I submit that the only difference between GM and the federal government is that GM cannot print its own currency.

Here is a money saving tip for the Obama Administration, get Photoshop. Once you buy it, you can create pictures that have Air Force One flying over the following;

The Taj Mahal
The Kennedy Compound
Disney World
Al Gore’s house
Keith Olbermann’s ego

And it will all be free. Look into it Mr. President!

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