Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arlen Specter Uses Other Deaths to Put Down Republicans

I got this from Yahoo News....

Senator Arlen Specter hints Jack Kemp died because of a change in the GOP agenda.

"Well, I was sorry to disappoint many people. Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn't want me as their candidate," Mr. Specter said on "Face the Nation." "But as a matter of principle, I'm becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats' approach. And one of the items that I'm working on, Bob, is funding for medical research."

"If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine."

Wow. I talked to Arlen to make sure he meant what he said. He hit me on the hip, and went further. He also believes:

Danny Gans died because TCOT split up.

Dom Deluise died because Justice Souter retired and Republicans will want to filibuster President Obama's nominee to replace him, Jerry Brown.

Bea Arthur died because Republicans want to cut Social Security.

Marilyn Chambers died because the Republican Party wanted to cut funds to Planned Parenthood.

Former Freddie Mac CFO David Kellermann committed suicide after hearing Republican plans to change the name of Freddie Mac to Bernie Mac. He died in vane however, as the Republican Party was reminded that Bernie Mac was a black comedian.

He even went back to 2004, to say that Ronald Reagan passed away because the Republican Party moved too far to the right.

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