Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Changes, Name Changed, Staff Fired.....

A Letter to 1 Hour Martinizing Readers,

Well it has been a bad weekend for America. The stimulus package that could not wait, passed without you being able to read it. However, don't feel bad about not reading it, not one member of Congress read it either.

The bigger and more important news is that I had to change the name of the blog. You see, 1 Hour Martinizing is actually a name of a franchise, who knew? Now that this blog has a following of several hundred thousands, I do not want to get dragged through the legal system. I will leave that to Democrats who try and sell Senate seats. So I changed the name.

Also, because of the tough economy, I had to lay off the 1234 people who brought you this fine example of the new media. It is just me now. Don't worry, I still have the corporate jet.

RFC radio (Radio for Conservatives) launches today. I have added it to the blog, it is on the upper right hand corner. Click it and give her a listen!

Thank you to the many fine people who read this thing. There are more changes to come.


Fingers Malloy

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