Friday, February 13, 2009

President Lincoln Vetoed the First Ever Stimulus Package

We do not learn from history. When we say we, we are not referring to the staff at 1 Hour Martinizing. Most of us hold degrees in both History and Bad Assedness. That’s right; we just made up a word, assedness.

No what we really mean is that you do not learn from history. Not you of course, you are a devoted 1 Hour Martinizing reader. You really means America. You know America; it is watching American Idol right now. America is that person that can’t name the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader, but knows the names of all the kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Abe Lincoln was born 200 years ago yesterday. As a tribute to Honest Abe, we want to dedicate this entry to him. Many people do not realize this, but Abe Lincoln vetoed the first stimulus package that Congress ever passed. It was called the Economic Stimulus Act of 1861. The following is just a portion of a note from President Lincoln to Congress explaining the veto.

“Our nation has entered a time of economic uncertainty. However, I feel that this legislation is an abomination, as it is wasteful of the people’s money.” –President Lincoln February 13, 1861

The bill contained the following spending items.

$20,000 to provide 1 busty wench for every member of Congress

$3000 to purchase “top notch” hooch

$5,000 for buggy whips

A $375 bailout for the pelt industry

$3000 for a sasparilla factory

A tax cut of 1 chicken per household

$250 to build a road

$200,000 for scurvy prevention

$9000 to buy tobaccy

$5000 to promote the phrase “Yee Haw” as the official government greeting

$4000 for hemp

Happy birthday Mr. President.

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