Saturday, February 21, 2009

What Did We Learn This Week?

This was quite a week. What did we learn?

1) People pay more attention to the Facebook Terms of Use than what is in Congressional Legislation.

2) Soon, I may pay your mortgage.

3) The Attorney General thinks I am a coward on race.

4) Your government may use GPS to keep track of how many miles you drive, and tax you based on mileage. Don't worry, it won't keep track of Al Qaeda cars. That would violate their rights.

5) Democrats not only want to censor talk radio, but they want to censor the internet.

6) Even CNBC thinks President Obama is out of control.

7) It is not a good time to own stock in a bank.

8) The Mayor of Chicago wants a camera on every street corner in his city.

9) You can not keep a chimp as a pet. No matter how much lobster you feed it, no matter how many times you let it sleep in your bed, a chimpanzee is still a wild animal.

10) Things aren't good.

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