Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beer Commercial......

Our sponsor on The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy is beer. Beer is the official drink of The Snark Factor. Here is a transcript of our beer ad......

MMMMMM Beer........

For too long, beer has been blamed for the lack of intelligent political debate and discussions at bars by drunken idiots.

Beer is a proud sponsor of The Snark Factor with Fingers Malloy. We hope that it will elevate our reputation.


We didn't come up with the theory that 9/11 was an inside job.

We aren't the ones that said Bush stole the election.

Beer didn't make people think Mark Fuhrman planted the bloody glove. That was all stupid people.

You see.... Beer doesn't make people stupid, public schools do.

So remember what we are here for; to give you an over inflated feeling of self worth and to make ugly people more attractive.

So drink a 12 pack of beer today. It may make Janeane Garofalo look pretty. *

* Warning! Beer is not responsible for the contents of this ad and may not make Janeane Garofalo look pretty....

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