Monday, March 9, 2009

What is The Snark Factor???? Tuesdays @ 5 on RFC Radio..

I have never really described what The Snark Factor is going to be like. The best way to describe it is do what my buddy at Duke over America did and post the show description from the RFC Radio home page.......

Imagine a radio show that combines the writing style of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with the satirical commentary of The Daily Show.

The difference between these shows and The Snark Factor is that this radio show will be written from a right wing point of view. And it will all be jam-packed into 30 minutes.

How is this possible?

Three words:
Fingers Malloy!!

Before joining RFC Radio, Fingers was a comedian; a community organizer; a former beauty pageant contestant in Alaska; a plumber in Ohio; a nominee for President Obama’s Secretary of Awesome; the real Batman; and, thanks to the Patriot Act, he recently illegally wire-tapped your phone calls from a Starbucks in York, Pennsylvania (that last one is for all the paranoid liberals).

So there it is, listen to it Tuesdays at 5PM at

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