Monday, February 2, 2009

The Super Bowl Lauer/Obama Interview, The Anti-Frost/Nixon

Well it was that time of year again, the Super Bowl. We here at 1 Hour Martinizing decided to take a day off from doing our research in our continuing effort to bring you the best political commentary in our nation’s history. It was not an easy decision; we know how much we mean to you. However, we are all human, and the hundreds of people that bring you 1 Hour Martinizing needed to let loose. The 1 Hour Martinizing Super Bowl party was off the hook y'all!

We thought it would be a day without politics. That came crashing to a halt during hour 16 of the NBC Super Bowl Pre-Game Show, when Matt Lauer interviewed President Obama, live!

At that point, we knew that our hard earned break had come to an end. This is NBC and Matt Lauer, interviewing President Obama. We figured it would be entertaining and we were not disappointed. Here is a partial transcript from the interview. I must confess that none of us had a pen or notebook; it was a Super Bowl party remember? This is what we heard and how we remember the interview.

Matt Lauer: Good evening Mr. President.

President Obama: Hello Matt.

Matt Lauer: (looking into the camera) Oh my God he called me Matt! This is too cool!

President Obama: Relax Matt. We have done this before. And will you please stop trying to hump my leg.

Matt: But I did it during the whole campaign, why stop now?

President Obama: It’s not Presidential Matt, will you please just start the interview.

Matt: Sorry Mr. President. May I call you President Awesome?

President Obama: Sure Matt, whatever makes you comfortable.

Matt: President Awesome, what makes you so awesome?

President Obama: Matt, it’s important that we get the stimulus package passed.

Matt: You received not one Republican vote in the House last week? Why do the Republicans suck?

President Awesome: Matt, that was close to a real question, and I told you earlier I will not answer a real question.

Matt: You had me at hello.

President Awesome: This interview is over.

Matt: I wish I knew how to quit you.

President Awesome: Okay now you have to go.

It gets a little fuzzy after that because we stopped caring, but that is how we remember it. If you missed it, President Awesome will be on the Today Show tomorrow.

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  1. You might want to consider keeping the pen and paper handy...I'm very disappointed that you didn't even mention him discussing the weight problems of certain A-list celebrity's!!